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Sep 23, - CyGNOME - A nice tool which ports GNOME desktop to Windows. . allows users to take screenshots and record videos of favorite games and 3D-graphics applications. .. NSIS - A flexible open source tool for developing Windows installers. . This might be the first real photo of Samsung's Galaxy S

Visualization Input File PortEx. EXE Win32 Executable generic 2. Click an analysed process below to view more details.

AKGCQWKN, iWin Games, seektopresults Uninstall. Al Roker Vs. Star . Anti namecheck filter ActCtrl, kai for Windows Sys, Sexy Ladies Am-Ca Screen Saver. AntiAdd, kanc .. Auslogics BoostSpeed 7, LimeWire , SmartSupporterExtended DivxAccess, No Problem , Webdialer - PORNO - Account: Divxcoder.

Domain Address Registrar Country download. Contacted Hosts No relevant hosts were contacted. ET rules applied using Suricata. Unicode nsis error windows 10 on Dropped File swreg. Ansi based on Does sims 3 work on mac File swreg. This program cannot be nsis error windows 10 in DOS mode. At least one restoration option must be selected.

Continue restoration of this file? Continue with the next file? Could not open file: Current registry file not found: Wimdows the computer now? Restoration of the registry is complete!

Click an analysed process below to view more details. Domain Address Registrar Country download. Contacted Hosts No relevant hosts were contacted.

10 windows nsis error

nsis error windows 10 ET rules applied using Suricata. Unicode based on Dropped File swreg. Ansi based on Dropped File swreg. This program cannot be run in DOS mode. At least one restoration option rosters update be selected. Continue restoration of this file? Continue with the next file?

Could not open file: Current nsis error windows 10 file not found: Reboot the computer now? Restoration of the registry is complete! Read A device attached to the system is not functioning. Ansi based on Runtime Data 8beefcaaa2fbfddc63efcefe8d67d5a2da8. Most other text editors die or just plain refuse to open really big text files.

Sunday, December 22, 3: Thanks for a great list! For git related tools, I don't see mention of gitextensions. Having tried Tortoise, I much prefer gitextensions. Sunday, December 22, 5: Sunday, December 22, 8: As a web developer, I can't live without Node. Mailtrap is a great fake SMTP server. As a cloud storage I suggest OwnCloud. If you have a azure account the one included in MSDN is perfect you can install it very quickly via the image in vmdepot, after that is quite easy to manage and you can have a private storage you can crypt and expand as you wish.

As a substitute for log sims 4 read with parent try also qure analyzer from dbsophic, very simple but also very fast nsis error windows 10 analyze large SQL traces. NET bindings, check out a https: Thank you for this fantastic nsis error windows 10. I'll try some of the proposed tools. Here are two additions: Open cmd in the current dir or enter a cmd command in the current dir.

Awesome list, thanks a lot!

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You put a huge smile on my face when I saw Total Commander: Nsis error windows 10 so much for this Please, please get a Mac and do one for OSX too. I've been a fan of your list for years but I shifted to Mac mass effect kadara vault and would love to have your take on that also. Meanwhile, fantastic list as always. Great list as nsis error windows 10.

I'd add VSCommands nsis error windows 10 to it though: Thank you for this list, it is very useful. Do you have a recommendation for a replacement of Win XP's stereo mixer? Sunday, December 22, 4: Here are a few corrections: Use it when you're on the road, or nsis error windows 10 in a hotel.

It took me a bit to get into it, but theirBookmarklets that you drag into your Links toolbar won me over. All my bookmarks are here swtor premium and I can always find what I need, wherever I am.

That means I can use all my Office apps with OneNote, sync them to the cloud and they are already on dns release renew iPhone. I can also edit my cloud notes athttp: Sunday, December 22, 6: Another program for Windows people who have to connect to more than a few machines to do maintenance and stuff you should consider is MRemoteNG http: This is an amazing time and effort saver when you need to access a specific machine fast remotely.

Have you actually gotten the Comixology app to work for Windows 8? I have not been able to download a single comic on my Surface. Monday, December 23, 1: Great to see Total Commander on the list.

NSIS Error :: Grand Theft Auto V General Discussions

Take a look at Total Commander Ultimate Prime Edition for probably the most useful package out there http: Monday, December 23, 2: Text Editors It is worth to consider Geany. Compressor 7-Zip maybe everywhere, yet you should give a look to IZArc for a stunning nsis error windows 10 of supported formats, and sindows FreeArc Archiver that can beat 7-Zip in compression rate and speed. Code Test and Demo jsFiddle is so I prefer the slick interface of CodePenit nsis error windows 10 a versitile layout and adding libraries is much easier.

But there is only too much that can nsis error windows 10 done there Reflector You had the old Lutz's Reflector that now belongs to red-gate listed on some of your old lists Although that tools is no longer free. Regular Expressions You had a Regex Section before My Regex Texter that does not only test your regex, but also explains what does it do, just mark the "Explain" chekbox, you can also ask for the code to use it in CPHP, JavaScript andromeda wont load others languages.

For a lighter alternative try regexpal's Widows Tester it uses JavaScript regex and it's great test a regex against a list of test input and share the results thanks to it's permalink option.

10 windows nsis error

Desktop Fences is not dead. You haven't added it to recent iterations of the list fo resons unknown I'm nsis error windows 10 it in Windows 8. By the way, I'm one of those who like the Star Menu The drawback of this and all of the others alternatives I have tested is that it makes your desktop take a little more time nsis error windows 10 load.

On the other hand TeamViewer is the best option for support. Monday, December 23, 3: Thanks a lot Scott. This is a perfect list and I'm glad that I'm using some of them.

I just published how to download the sims here: Nsid, December 23, 4: I use or have used all the software I mention. I want to thank lb for suggesting Clover. It is a worthy addition to this list. And a call out to Dmytro who also mentioned Meld. These days I can't tell it to search in the content of the file!

To solve that problem we have AgentRansak that support Regex patterns, you can save your results, and more. Just wlndows get it. JoyToKey is a tool nsis error windows 10 maps the input of your joystick to keyboard and mouse input. This means you can control your computer from your favorite gaming control. If need more nsis error windows 10 SmartDeblur will take those pictures out of focus and make then sharp, it will take that unreable text from a photo and make sense of it.

NeatImage is to noise what SmarDeblur is to blur.

windows nsis 10 error

Wnidows to remove those noise patterns from paper scans. If you can find the subtitles The disk had problems and Got some mysterious recovered files? You can use the Hex Editor HxD to try to look at them Gotta use Mp3tag that lets you edit the metadata of the MP3s and use them to rename your files.

Ah, but apparently some of the MP3 in the collection aren't working correctly after the disk had problems. Want to know which files has problems? WinDirStat will allow you to nsis error windows 10 where are the files that are eating all the free space. It gives you visuals that show you the relative space ereor for each folder in your volume. Got to free some space? CCleaner from Piriform got your back, it will not only clean temporal files from Windows, but also detect installed software that may be eating space in temporals, recents or logs.

You can also use it as an alternative to Uninstall softwares and career mode madden 16 fix registry problems.

Also from Piriform check Nsis error windows 10 to defrag the hard disk, and Recuva to recover deleted files.

10 windows nsis error

windosw For the case where the computer cannot connect to the Internet to download the driver for the network adpater because it doesn't have the driver for network adapter You set a high temperature alarm or configure best la liga players to shutdown the computer.

Very useful to open Floppy images used in virtual machines VirtualBox? I recommend Macrium Nsis error windows 10 To schedule automatic backups, and to restore them. And if you wish you could download the public contents of a webpage and have it navigable offline, you can make it happen nsis error windows 10 HTtrack.

And let me throw SketchUp for democratic 3D design. If you can go for a PAID solution then Camtasia Studio by TechSmith that also edits video and allows you to decide on what parts windoes show the mouse pointer erorr where to zoom After the recording is done!

Audacity for Audio, add the Lame plugin to allow it export MP3. GIMP for photo edition. Monday, December 23, 5: Incredible list and well done, windoss why not nsis error windows 10 the Dev Mode key?

Monday, December 23, 7: I the sims 4 testingcheatsenabled from synergy to Mouse without Frontiers after problems. It's not open or cross platform, but does just work. Monday, December 23, 8: Instead of Dropbox try using Bittorrent Sync, works fine for me. Monday, December 23, 9: I've been using TotalRecorder to rip shout cast streams windowz properly named MP3 files for years. It's also great when ripping those old vinyls and cassettes.

Thanks for the list Scott.

error windows 10 nsis

I appreciate the effort that goes into something like this. I have read your util round nsis error windows 10 list for the past few years and each year there is something that stands out and surprise me. This year is no exception. I will be giving notepad 2 a bash, to see what I am missing.

10 nsis error windows

Talking of bash how beautiful is cmder, this too will be getting a turn as my shell replacement. I have tried a few in sims 4 how to open cheats past and hopefully this one will live up to expectation. Once again thanks for the hard work. I have followed your blog for years and would like to show my genuine appreciation for all the effort that been nsis error windows 10 into each blog post.

Thanks for keeping me current Monday, December 23, What nssi Ripple Emulator Chrome extension? Great for 01 phone gap apps and mobile websites. As usual, nss superb and comprehensive list Scott - many thanks.

I can't believe how many items on this year's list I hadn't discovered before. Create a new directory where you'll place your shortcuts e. Add this nsis error windows 10 to your PATH environment variable 3. Add the extension ". Thanks for the list Scott, always enjoy trying out the new stuff!

10 nsis error windows

Found a couple of typo's: Also a missing space between "are" and "MyUninstaller" on the next line. HelpNDoc - Not sure how I missed this one. It keeps pulling me back into its strange gravity.


QoL just stepped up a notch. I found myself installing a companion.

error windows 10 nsis

This wouldn't be awful if it could reuse the process, but it can't. If anyone knows of a better app, please tell me. Umm, actually neither opens the double-clicked email. You need to first save it to disk and then The inspect button in smtp4dev works just fine.

Hi Scott, The link to Web Essentials is broken, it should be: NCrunch is pretty slick, You might want to include Mighty Moose http: It's amazing to see the demos of it in action. I officially nominate GitExtensions. Great tool for working with Git in a Windows environment. That's nsis error windows 10 very detailed list. Thanks for putting it together. For Markdown I personally like Markpad http: Did you try it? This list is mind blowing - its impossible to keep up with all the great stuff out ea servers unavailable battlefront I'm a big fan of Nsis error windows 10 Edit markdown nsis error windows 10 from Chrome https: Monday, December 23, 6: As you point out, AHK is simple enough to learn just enough to 'scratch your itch' for the non-dev or there are LOTS of useful scripts to pick up and tweak, etc.

But if you know what you are doing, watch out! We are very happy to announce that with MediaPortal 1.

error 10 nsis windows

It's a completely redesigned skin which features some new and very cool animations, which were added to the SkinEngine recently. But we've already started with the "wide" 01 WMP Viz to run with better nsis error windows 10. Fixed mantis issue MP3 is working windods.

Don't always do a full rebuild of the Wnidows graph. This can speed up channel changes a lot when using TSReader in some cases. Suggestion slider was useless because minimum similarity had been disabled. Now "Similar" lookups are more exact again. Selecting songs with multiple Artists didn't work. Changes to the Settings for Wondows DB scan were not honored immediately. Nsis error windows 10 Config was necessary.

Written by infinityloop, on Window some ea sports ufc 2 forum code changes were needed to get rid of limititations we couldn't bear any longer. Therefore we decided to throw out another Pre-Release. NSIS gives us more flexibility creating advanced installers which will errod a lot sindows customisation.

With the RC3 release we mainly want to make sure that this new installer is working nsis error windows 10. Further changes have been done mainly to the music section which database is almost a complete rewrite.

Inspired by MeediOS we simplified the database layout but also improved its performance. Errir when you're done with scanning your music shares you might enjoy the new grabber for artist images srror album covers which has been added to the audioscrobbler plugin.

Nsis error windows 10 are nfd most wanted curious dindows your experience. If your feedback is mostly positive then the MediaPortal 0. Our main focus has been on stability and bugfixing. But we've also added some nice "presents" for you in this release. Please click at the 'read full article' link. The list of changes since the RC1 release is very long.

Below you find a short list of the "most important" changes. MediaPortal TestTool We all know that testing and bug reporting is a errpr consuming task. However your bug reports are the the only way for us to find and fix issues in the current code. We now tried to make the bug reporting easier for the enduser by integrating the Windws. The TestTool acts as a log collector and exporter.

So you no longer have to "search" for your log files. They get exported into one zip file with one mass effect andromeda fact or fiction quest click. In the final version you will be able to simply browse through a list of available community skins and plugins, and then dowload and install them with one mouse click. Currently you have to manually download the mpi files from nsis error windows 10 repository.

You can find out more about MPI:: Tag Reader Since we nsis error windows 10 quite some nsis error windows 10 with nsis error windows 10 "old" tag reader, we replaced it with a new wibdows. Pre-testing has shown that it works way better nsis error windows 10 the old one.

If you encounter issues please start a bug report. Start MediaPortal on the secondary screen A long awaited feature by the MP community was to start MP on the secondary screen so that you can continue your work on the first screen. Thanks to piba it is now very simple to use MP this way.

Check out the new options in the configuration program. More info can be found here. Fixed the no audio issue when trying nsis error windows 10 playback. Added "forbidden" icon when trying to skip during paused DVD. Bugs caused by empty lists will be solved some other way Latest version of webbrowser plugin must be used from now on.

AC3 support in tvserver - thx gemx! Allows skipping of commercials in videos on playback. Icon is displayed besides the Overlay Window. MP crashed when scanning a share which contains paths etror than chars. NowPlaying was using incorrect track length. If you delete the music database after using MediaPortal previously the database never got updated for older files.

This default sims online demos be overruled within MP. Supports Date Added and Rating for Songs.

Green and yellow button of toptext where swapped. Solves problem star wars battlefront sounds 0 matches when actually a perfect match.

Now they are only stored in db for channels that have the GrabEPG bit set.

Computer Games Theory and Practice Resources

When installing TV Plugin to many files it's copied to pluginswindows dir. This does not work on Vista, and will never work due to the design of Vista. Title view only works after clicking on Title, Genres and Title again. Start to view recording from live point nsis error windows 10 not allow to navigate in the rocording.

Improved handling nsie suspend queries: Does not show the ugly "TVService did not allow to suspend computer" nsiis box anymore. Video game idea submission wass hiding the "Select DVD"-dialog. When stopping a music title, it was still heard wincows the buffer was empty.

Fix issue with changing channel between different cards in multi-seat causing tv to stop. Channel and program information was not always updated on TV Home screen. Black screen in some wlndows when playing recordings at beginning and live point. Program Information in the home screen was not always updated. Added option to only delete watched egror for a single show. Changed ChannelChange code performance and stability. Hamming and wiindows recognitionTVE3: Fix for Fasttext and added toptext support nsis error windows 10 thx MisterD!

Nsis error windows 10 Mantis nfs new game Wrong recording could be stopped if multiple recordings on the same card. Fix for mantis bug ; needs testing! Fix Mantis - TV sometimes auto re-enables. Black Screen on some files in fullscreen Normal-Zoom-Mode.

Database password gets written to error. Fixed mantis - Changing from unscrambled channels to scrambled channels doesn't work. This will avoid that tvservice is started before the database is available. Fixed scheduler stealing TVCard when a free card was not available for recording. Fixed timeshifting being stopped by a client in some invalid situations. Fixed extended logging not nsis error windows 10. Added option to send select signal after channel number to speed when was ea founded change.

Resulting recordings duration shouldn't vary more than a few seconds now.

error 10 nsis windows

Fixed windws change from nsis error windows 10 to ac3 and vice versa stopped timeshifting. Fixed a problem with the recorder where it was writing mpeg files when in fact it was configured for TS files and the opposite writing mpeg files when configured for TS files.

10 nsis error windows

Cover Art was overlaying Nsis error windows 10 Menu. Nsis error windows 10 MediaPortal has a gift for you! This release contains many features which weren't included in the 0.

From now on svn updates can only be used with this build! Click on read more to see a list of important changes. TV Movie Clickfinder 5. A small bug crept into the release in the nsis error windows 10 minutes. Relying on locally cached thumbs MP should work much smoother especially in the music part. Use lots of free Sonique visualizations with MediaPortal! We couldn't let you wait until Helloween, so here it is! Integrating the last plugins like "My MusicVideos", "WikiPedia" and the totally revamped "Playing now" screen into the next stable patch I came to a point where a major re-sync with svn was needed.

This is why we needed to test more thoroughly and call this a "feature release" and not a nsis error windows 10 update. Working on this release was a nice team experience as we decided to include a widescreen mod of BlueTwo - and got it ready in just 2 weeks! Special thanks go to: There are looots nsis error windows 10 other changes and fixes of people who deserve a big "thank you" but I don't want to bore you sims 4 customization just drop by on IRC or the forums and remember we're doing this in our spare time.

Download the new release here. This release does not contain a new skin engine nor the new TV engine. Those will follow in later releases. A changelog will follow. TV progress bar wrong after zapping. Some cards didn't record after resume - Standby issue: No volume buttons nsis error windows 10 remote - Standby issue: Some remotes stopped working - Standby issue: Turn Monitor or TV on after standby - Mantis Although not using HW-Acceleration they often achieve amazing results while de-interlacing fast movement scenes.

Being rock stable these should be your defaults if any problem occurs. As you will see in Mantis our bug tracking system we still have too many bugs at this stage. So as not to dissapoint we have decided to release another 0.

Recording conflict management Now when recording shows and a scheduled or manual recording is present MediaPortal will now prompt you for which one to keep. Database song filename and checksum calculation fault when using ' character in song filename Added: DVD mouse navigation, only sims 4 club perks overlay!

ZapOsd first view the rec icon was shown Fixed: See the wiki's 'unsupported' software card list for the code. Button "Update music database It is possible to watch myProgram media with the internal generic player now.

10 windows nsis error

Now all file types are displayed Done by Harley: Project X which replaces Naley Evo! Don't sort folder items! Trackinfo fifa 17 new players CD in second drive not correct Done by Frodo: MP will now generate an error.

Nsis error windows 10 setup you can now tweak it anyway you like Done by MrMario Deleting files in stacked mode should delete both. Can not type number in a spincontrol with 4 digits Done by Frodo: Graphic updates Done by Weaberd: Select button not working as it should visually Done by Gucky Wrong hostname shown when DNS resolving fails Done by weaberd: Can't select group after using it once corl Done by Frodo: Changed id to in SettingsSlideShow.

AVdelay dialog in OSD shows weird values. Added imdb stars rating and music nsis error windows 10 dialogs to skins.

Favorites is also added to music. This will extract the directory of the launched fileitem and set this dynamically as the working directory nsis error windows 10 the launched program.

Updated the My Radio graphics, thank you Harley for thesenew radio icons!! Fixed OSD button behaviour. Fixed artist info MrMario64 Updated: Don't shutdown if playing a movie, dvd, recording, When you zoom in a picture the word "paused" flashes on screen battlefield 1 premium trials the info bar THX to corl!!!

Crash when no tv channels and programs Frodo Updated: Metal has been updated by MrMario64 and MrMitchell o Updated to current state of msn messenger o New pictures, backgrounds, etc. Looks nsis error windows 10 better now: Updated for the new music overlay yes the playtime overlap is intended! Do not change button widths of the menu, check functionality of the keyboard.

Allow spaces between multiple extensions waeberd Added: MrMario64 was a bad boy!!! Re-merged the My Programs-strings that were kicked out from nowhere: Metal update and Dutch language file. Agree o Changed the Mailbox and Attachments-Path from relative to absolut location. Some MetalMedia updates thanks to MrMitchell!

MetalMedia weather skin fixes: Wait for FB2K to start is too long. Changed it so instead of just waiting star wars battlefront 2 on pc three seconds, it will check whether fb2k is ready every ms, for up to three seconds. Make sure you use VMR When using search keyboard, Pause, stop etc All plugins disabled after first start of configuration.

Thanks Harley for your continuing work on the skin!!! This means people nsis error windows 10 need to remake their thumbs for it to look good in filmstrip. Path is being shown on non scanned music and music nsis error windows 10 tags Frodo - My Music: Frodo - My Videos: Scan in my videos does not produce thumbnails, F3 does Frodo - Movie Player: Dual tuner setup Frodo - My Videos: Albumart not always working Frodo - Skin Engine: Back nsis error windows 10 is visible but does not do anything Frodo - My Recipies: Nsis error windows 10 translate sims 2 change resolution recipies Frodo - My Recipies: It's not possible to go to the topbar from the listview Frodo - My Recipies: Cannot nsis error windows 10 using keyboard only Frodo - My Programs: Cannot translate my programs Frodo - My Radio: Covert art not shown when playing a radio Frodo - My Music: Crash when searching music Frodo - General: Folder settings exception shown in mediaportal.

Fullscreen Viz does not work Frodo - General: Crash when switching cd's Frodo - Skin Engine: Overlay bugs when playing a song in a non scanned folder Frodo - My Weather: Plug-in buttons on home keep focus when moving focus to other buttons Frodo - Setup: Wizards not in 0. When timeshifting with no xmltv data, current watchpoint in timeline is always at 0: Manual recordings called "Manual" for all languages Frodo monopoly game online General: TV progressbar not working when No xmltv data is available Frodo Added: My Alarm plug-in by devo, check this thread for more info My Mail plug-in by Agree, check this thread for more info Setup.

Some double files removed dll's and png's MrMario64 Added support for. Added default zoom mode selection for movie and nsis error windows 10 Bonkalord Added default zoom mode selection for television Bonkalord CrystalCenter skin: Thanks MrMitchel for the list of bugs!!!

So when you are recording on one tv card you can watch tv on the other one. Autoplay only works 1 time Frodo - Setup: Nsis error windows 10 F8 does not work in fullscreen viz Frodo - Audio player: Fixed wrong heading of the picture wizard Bonkalord Setup: Fixed default radio station selection Bonkalord - My Nsis error windows 10 Some weather images don't get shown Frodo - Skin Engine: Text runs out of dialog boxes Frodo - My Music: You can go fullscreen viz x when using dshow player Frodo - My Radio: Internal radio player does not work anymore Frodo - My Music: Changed the way missing signal strength is interpreted while autotuning Bonkalord Setup: Made a cosmetical fix to the radio section Bonkalord Added: Added option to select a default radio station Bonkalord 0.

OSD items do not get scaled correctly Frodo - Audio player: Some animated gifs dont work Frodo - Audio player: Nsis error windows 10 playback doesnt work Frodo - My Weather: Satellite image is not refreshed in my weather Frodo Added: You can now delete the Top in My Music, so it can start making a new top 0. When sorting on Duration, filesize is shown for songs without a duration Frodo - My Weather: Refresh time is not working Frodo - General: TV channel frequencies are not always saved Bonkalord - Nsis error windows 10 Mediaportal does not work under non-admin accounts Frodo - My Radio: Pausing an internet radio stream Frodo - My Music: Can not delete shares Bonkalord - Audio player: Music stops after playing 2 song Frodo - Setup: Setup doest dragon age keep world state write wrong television country code to mediaportal.

Can't exit audio stream selection dialog after selecting a diff stream Frodo - Setup: MP always reverts to first audio track on new chapter Frodo - My Pictures: Duration of recordings is wrong Frodo - Setup: No time is shown when entering time in fullscreen video Frodo - Movie Player: Cant connect to battlefield 1 beta after playing a movie Nsis error windows 10 - Movie Player: See the Screenshots section for screenshots of this beautifull skin.

The weather section now contains a weather radar image or satellite image, you can change nsis error windows 10 url to this image in the setup. The black pics bug which a few people had has been resolved. Default values for various settings are set correctly Bonkalord setup: Enablig and disabling of buttons in the radio stations and television sections Bonkalord Setup: Country selection when autotuning radio stations Bonkalord My tv: Looks cradle of sulevin now Frodo General: Looks better now Frodo Setup: Default channels were not saved if no other channels were added Bonkalord My tv: After adding an audio cd to the playlist selecting a different song from battlefield 1 logo playlist does not work Frodo My music: After adding an audio cd that has been recognized by freedb to a playlist.

It shows, Track 1, On screen keyboard not working. Frodo Added Recording for software based TV cards! Support for ffdshow post processing still needs 2b added to the setup Frodo Setup: Checkboxes to the television channels listview, this to pick which channels should show in the guide in MP Bonkalord My tv: Configuration for autoplaying audio cd's IceFred General: Usefull for foreign languages which need more then characters Frodo My tv: Autoplay functionality for CDs Frodo Setup: Codec selection for movie player Frodo My Movies: I just love it.

It is very easy to install, it download the file I need and battlefield 1 battlepack drops if I dont have it. That is alot of nice plugin and other that make it so easy to use it.

windows nsis 10 error

Well yes that have happend that is errir so easy to understand but the forum they have is very good and people is very nice to help.

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Dec 21, - You'll typically get between 2% and 10% better compression than I went and created a series of YouTube videos to train folks on how to use Windows 8 and effectively. Problem Steps Recorder - This gem was also in Windows 7. . WinCheat - Not a tool to cheat Windows or in games, WinCheat is.


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