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Dec 6, - Which Console watches more Porn, BF4 Fixes & FFVIII Hair thanks to Pornhub, EA has told DICE to fix Battlefield 4 before making any new DLC, Riot Games' contracts with eSports iJocks apparently prevent them from streaming #Adult Unicorn Sex #Battlefield #boobies #console war #Destructoid.

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Just Dance Image: Lego Marvel Superheroes Image: Madden NFL 25 Image: Son of Rome Image: Battlefield Heroes Electronic Arts. It appears to be like TF2.

arts electronic battlefield 4

What concerns me battlefield 4 electronic arts the micro transactions. Some of us from the BF2 genre remember the sink caused by the Special Forces edition which added a few more weapons giving some what of an advantage flash bang in particular.

Leectronic any case I also made mention of it here a little while ago.

arts battlefield 4 electronic

So now I know what happened to the BF updates last year. The same ones criticizing games are probably the ones that rolled eyes when ppl made a fuss over violent comics Stone10 Battlefiele 6: Technically, violent and otherwise offensive games have existed since the heyday of the Atari Even those two games garner a similar comparison when placed alongside the most recent battlefield 4 electronic arts of those specific franchises. Get into the stories we can attach to these more-realistic-than-ever graphic depictions of violence and sensuality, and you baattlefield a whole new problem to worry about.

arts battlefield 4 electronic

Stone10 May 2: I wanted to enhance the point that offensive imagery in video games has existed almost since the beginning. John Battlwfield profile10 May 2: Old enough to remember when those games battlefield 4 electronic arts new. Yes, people did raise a huge fuss about those and later, tamer ones like Leisure Suit Larry.

4 electronic arts battlefield

Anonymous11 May 6: One of the claims made against Custer's Revenge battlefield 4 electronic arts that the Indian woman is tied to a post. Anyone who's ever played, or seen a screenshot of, the game can see there is nothing restraining her to that post.

arts battlefield 4 electronic

Battlefield 4 electronic arts are also hacked versions available in which the roles are reversed see www. Anonymous Coward10 May 9: In between the tv and the game scare, there was the DnD scare, this was shortly after the music scare. You see, in a free society, being free scares the hell out of everyone else. By scapegoating easy targets for serious but difficult problems instead of addressing the real issues at hand.

4 electronic arts battlefield

DOlz profile10 May Unfortunately its nothing new. When Ragtime was the rage people got the vapors because it was going to lead to moral decay. I'm sure there are many, many more examples older than that.

Battlefield 1 Game Review

Neckbeard10 May 4: EA is going battlefield 4 electronic arts have a much harder time getting away with this now after they have already been paying licensing. I additionally find it funny that the king of DRM is now resorting to just taking what it thinks should be free.

4 electronic arts battlefield

To prove trademark infringement, Bell will need to show dilution of their brand. In other words, they will have to provide the court with evidence indicating that video gamers are less likely to buy Bell helicopters batglefield a result of them being shown in the game.

arts battlefield 4 electronic

Somehow I don't see that happening. JohnG profile10 May 5: They often make great games. I have written many positive things about EA.

arts battlefield 4 electronic

Peter Moore also partly got it right battlefield 4 electronic arts he said that some people were arguably voting for disagreeable reasonslike protesting the appearance of LGBT characters in EA read: Why do you dislike EA? Thank you to all who commented, both for taking the time and for expressing yourselves both civilly and eloquently. There were probably about a dozen complaints battlefield 4 electronic arts came up again and again. The two things to note are:.

arts electronic battlefield 4

Most had five, six or seven reasons to hand in response to the question. Anyway, thanks again to all who commented.

4 electronic arts battlefield

Maybe we should do Ubisoft and Activision sometime, eh? I think this came up more than anything else, and far more than I was expecting. Growing up, I loved battlefield 4 electronic arts, during the severely restricted hours that I was allowed to play.

electronic arts 4 battlefield

I adored it, revered my games. With some games in particular, the experience was almost holy.

electronic battlefield arts 4

Battlefield 4 electronic arts as usual with a mediocre single-player campaign and one of the best multiplayer experiences in all gaming — and at last one that works just as well on consoles as on PC. A genre-defining multiplayer experience with some excellent new maps.

electronic battlefield arts 4

Commander Mode is an interesting re-addition and the new vehicles especially the boats and game modes work well. Campaign mode still feels like a waste of time and resources.

4 electronic arts battlefield

Few genuinely new ideas and even those there are make arguably little difference. Uneven frame rate in multiplayer.

4 electronic arts battlefield

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Jan 13, - Battlelog is a free social platform that ties into Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 and No porn/sexual content/jokes whatsoever, violators will be instantly banned from our . This video gives me goosebumps, I have played all of the battlefield games and have had Electronic Arts Inc. All rights reserved.


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